MAGIC SLIME – Slime Capsule Dino

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Each Dinorex capsule contains 1 dinosaur to discover under the lava-like slime! There are 13 different dinosaurs to collect, including a rare golden version of the T-Rex. Complete your collection!

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Each Dinorex surprise to collect contains 1 surprise dinosaur, a dinosaur disc with the dinosaur’s name, score and footprint, and Magic Slime in different colours.

Super safe sli

Our Magic Slime formula is super safe: it’s gluten-free, odourless and retains its consistency. More colours and surprises available with neon finish: Red, orange, green and yellow.

Play with your dino disks

Build a tower with your discs and throw another one to knock it down! The one with the most points wins! Plus, each disc has the exact footprint of a dino, so you can place one on top of the other.


At CRAZE, we want to provide the little ones with a fun and safe toy. Magic Slime is made according to the German formula. It is free of toxins and harmful ingredients and does not leave stains. Our slimes are safe. We test every batch to ensure that our slime does not contain BPA, Bisphenol A or gluten.

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Great colors and surprises

The original Magic Slime from CRAZE is available in different colours, different sizes and with great effects. A special highlight is the Magic Slime Surprise, which even contains a surprise to collect and swap. A real highlight for slime fans!

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